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No production too big, no video too small...

No matter the size or scope of your endeavors, MyCreativityConsultant has all the equipment and expertise to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

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Film Projects

The introduction of affordable High-Definition cameras and gear has made producing quality film projects easier than ever.

With the quality of gear available, don’t let your film project fail due to simple mistakes. 

With years of experience in the film industry, as well as advanced training in the field - MyCreativityConsultant will help guide your creative vision. Whether a 5-second clip or a feature-length film, our team of experts are available at every stage of your project.

Take the guesswork out of lighting and editing, improve your script with creative input and step up your overall quality with the tips and tricks used by professionals in the field.

If you’re ready to see how MyCreativityConsultant can transform your work from inception to post-production then book a consultation today.  


Social Media Content

Social media has become an essential part of most business and marketing strategies. A professional-looking social media page helps you connect better with your customers and boost your sales and leads. 

The high-quality content being pushed out by influencers these days though means a hastily shot and edited post can make your business look tacky and unprofessional. 

Worse it can hurt your brand image and bottom line… 

The team at MyCreativityConsultant are social media experts. We can help you plan, create and execute high-quality content every time. Taking the stress out of the process and freeing up more time to focus on the work that truly matters to you… being a badass creative powerhouse!

If you’re ready to build that kick-ass brand image you’ve always dreamed of click here to book a consultation now.

Rock Stage

Live Performance

Suffering from nervousness before a show? Do public appearances fill you with nausea and anxiety? 

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Even better we can help!

One of the greatest secrets to success is learning to turn that nervous energy into excitement and expectation. The biggest names in the industry have learned this, and have crowds of 200000+ sitting on the edges of their seats.

Having played over 2000 shows, the team at MyCreativityConsultant has developed proven techniques to help even the most stage shy-performer transcend to fearless rock star!

Whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, or trying out your chops at comedy, MyCreativityConsultant has the tools to ensure you perform at your best, no matter the size of the crowd or the venue.

Book a consultation with MyCreativityConsultant now and let us show you how to unlock your inner rockstar!

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Photography and Modeling

The fashion industry is oversaturated and cut-throat.

Often we find our clients who are struggling to breakthrough, actually have everything they need to succeed. With a little help defining clearer goals and a bit of strategy, we can help you successfully make the jump to getting booked regularly. 

Whether you require polaroids or help setting up professional shoots, our team at MyCreativityConsultant can help take your portfolio to the next level.

Working with everyone from smaller independent labels to large fashion houses like Abercrombie & Fitch, our team has the experience to tailor our approach to your individual needs.

Book a consultation with MyCreativityConsultant now and watch how our bold yet simple approach can help take your portfolio from so-so to something spectacular.

Conference Crowd

Events and Charity Fundraisers

Planning an event? 

Whether it’s a small fundraiser or a large business conference, a little creativity goes a long way…

MyCreativityConsultant has worked with dozens of charities and event companies to pull off events so successful, people have talked about for weeks afterward.

From creating themes, designing the menu, or ensuring the lighting and decorations are on point, MyCreativityConsultant has the team and experience to ensure no detail goes unchecked. 

Book a consultation now and see how MyCreativityConsultant can make your next event, the talk of the town…


Literary Works

Have an idea you just have to share with the world? Dreaming of writing the next generation-defining novel?

People don’t realise most books and screenplays weren’t written by a single person.

Because of this, most potential writers get overwhelmed long before they ever create anything worthwhile. All due to the stress of trying to do it all themselves…

From early storyboarding and conception through to actual writing and editing. Most professional writer’s work is bounced dozens of times between teams of people.

The team at MyCreativityConsultant provides a range of services to refine and expand your writing. From early constructive feedback and storyboarding to later stage editing and ghostwriting we have a solution for every stage of your project.

With experience in film, television, and traditional written work, no project is too small or too hard for MyCreativityConsultant's talented team. 

Book a consultation now and watch how our team can help your story come to life.

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Sound Recording and Production

With all the tools available to record and produce songs these days, it can be easy to lose focus on what you are trying to achieve in the recording booth. 

Whether it is recording on a 4-track or using pro-tools, micing the whole room, or recording direct, the most important factor is the quality of each recorded track. A solid track makes every part of the recording process easier and more enjoyable.

With decades of experience in the studio, the team at MyCreativityConsultant can help you lay down the perfect track and ensure you achieve your creative visions.

Book a consultation today and let MyCreativityConsultant show you how to make your tracks sing

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Public Speaking  

To succeed in today's world you need to make your voice heard more than ever. From podcasts to Ted talks, online courses, and masterminds, the expectation to speak, and do it well, has never been higher.

We get it. 

Even talking about the idea of public speaking causes anxiety and panic…

With 22 years of experience working in all types of public spaces, the team at MyCreativityConsultant has the tools to boost your confidence, make your delivery flawless, and most importantly keep your audience captivated.

Book a consultation with MyCreativityConsultant now and leave your presentation anxieties behind for good.

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Song Writing

Truly understanding the simplicity and grace just a few of these notes has, can give you the power to take your music to a higher level.

With more than 22 years of songwriting experience and 100+ songs written so far ( including with some of the biggest names in the industry) the team at MyCreativityConsultant can not only help you break your creative rut by opening up new creative channels you’ve never imagined before.

From song structures and phrasing to lyrics and tempo, MyCreativityConsultant can take the pain out of the creative process and help you rediscover your love for music.

If you’re ready to see how MyCreativityConsultant can help take your work to ‘hall of fame’ heights? Book a consultation today.

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So you've finally decided to seek my council?

You chose wisely...

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Introductory Consultation

Grow Your Business

Developing your creative ideas but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project?

Our introductory consultation is where we discuss your current project and analyze any problems you are experiencing.

Any project can move forward with small incremental changes. It is easy to stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving environment by taking chances and making insightful decisions.

Let us help you brainstorm your creative projects into what they deserve to be and provide insight into what will truly make them flourish.

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