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Who Are We?

Hi there! I'm Seth...

Founder and head-consultant at MyCreativityConsultant.

For the past 25 years, I’ve been working in some form of the entertainment business. Whether it’s acting, songwriting, recording, photography, or writing I have worked for, and with, some of the biggest names in the industry.


Through my years of experience, I've noticed that so many creative people never meet their full potential. They aren't given the right tools and resources to let their creative side flourish and their work suffers. 

I created MyCreativityConsultant after watching all these super

talented artists struggling and knowing I had the skills and knowledge to help them succeed. 

As a creativity consultant, I understand what it takes to help people reach their full creative potential. Whether it’s writers' block or tunnel-vision (when you feel that the project is stale and see no way out of it), I can help.

Over the years I have:

·     worked in films both in front of and behind the camera 

·     recorded albums both as an artist and a producer 

·     written songs, screenplays, and stories of every length and genre 

I know just about everything there is to know about creating high-quality content in the audiovisual and literary space!

I am passionate about creativity and love to work with other creative people. 

My purpose in life is to use the knowledge I acquired during my years of working in the industry, to help people create their dreams. I know how the creative process works and know that everyone is different. That's what makes each creative experience unique and exciting. 

You are a starlet, let me help you shine.


Seth Emerick

Founder of MyCreativityConsultant

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