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Seth's work is incredible!!! I could never have come up with the ideas that he gave me in our first consultation. He drew up an entire treatment plan including, lists of shots and exact drawings of what to shoot. I will use him for all of my upcoming content... I love everything he comes up with and he really understands how the creative process works. Legend!

Kyle Beaumont




Had an EPIC time working with Seth in the studio. He helped me craft some lyrics and lay down a bunch of different instruments. His years of experience in the field were a huge help in taking my small ideas and making them into a finished song that I am really proud of. He was easy to work with, and his input helped my creativity immensely.

David Lazarus 




I have been working with Seth for years now, and no matter the project, he always exceeds my expectations. Whether it is screenwriting, songwriting, filming, or editing, I am always amazed at the result. He knows his stuff and helps me get the most out of anything I accomplish creatively. I will continue to work with him on any project that comes my way.

Hendrik Schmitt



MyCreativityConsultant helped me take my fitness videos to the next level! After one consultation with Seth, I had new ideas and endless possibilities as to what I could achieve. We filmed my fitness program and the quality is better than I could have ever expected. I couldn't imagine doing another project without his creative help... Game changer!

 Billy Whittle

Personal Trainer


Seth offers very high-quality and professional services. He provided me with top-quality video and sound recording. As a guitarist and songwriter,  good video is crucially important to my image. Seth was easy to communicate with and made the whole process fun and stress-free. I highly recommend it!

Florent Devos



In just one afternoon session, Seth took my promotional marketing video from a mediocre version that, quite frankly, looked very amateur and transformed it into looking like a professional production team had put it together! His knowledge of editing, lighting, and camera angles is unmatched. I highly recommend him.

Sam Hollins

Nutritionist/Personal Trainer


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Clients: Testimonials

Tir Na Nog

We use Seth for all of our creative projects.

Whether it is promo videos, special events, or music production, the guy can do it all! Over the years, he has provided the concepts, filmed, and edited all of our social media content.

Our traffic both on the web and in the business has grown significantly since we started using him as our creative consultant.

He also works personally with all of our live music artists on performance and audio setup. People come from all over the world to watch our artists perform.

We strongly recommend his services.

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